Title: Revelation of the Daleks | Author: Jon Preddle | Length: 72pp | Published1992, 2000 (print) by TSV; and 2007 (eBook) by the NZDWFC.


Tranquil Repose on the planet Necros is a mortuary with a different – for it is here that the galaxy’s rich and famous cheat death by being placed in suspended animation. But the bodies are going missing…

The Doctor and Peri arrive on Necros to pay their last respects to the Doctor’s old friend Arthur Stengos, but the Time Lord suspects that something is not quite right. His doubts are shared by Stengos’ daughter, Natasha, who soon discovers the awful truth behind her father’s fate.

As the Doctor investigates, he not only discovers that the head of Tranquil Repose is none other than his old enemy Davros – who has genetically engineered a new breed of Daleks – but also uncovers a far more shocking and sinister revelation…


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