TitleResurrection of the Daleks| AuthorPaul Scoones | Length: 82pp | Published: 2000 (print), by TSV; and 2008 (eBook), by the NZDWFC.


Caught in a time corridor, the TARDIS is drawn to an abandoned warehouse in London, 1984 where the Doctor, Tegan and Turlough encounter a bomb disposal squad investigating the discovery of mysterious alien objects.

In the far future, the Daleks and their human mercenaries attack a space station prison to release Davros, who has been frozen for ninety years. The Daleks have lost their war with the Movellans and require a cure for the virus that is destroying their race. Davros, however, has other plans for his creations.

As the Doctor fights to prevent the Daleks from carrying out their evil schemes, even the TARDIS crew cannot escape untouched by the tragic events unfolding around them…


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  • From the NZDWFC (the New Zealand Doctor Who Fan Club website):

‘Ressurection of the Daleks’ by Paul Scoones (NZDWFC website) PDF